Thursday, February 28, 2008


on the bus this morning i sat in front of a girl who was doing some studying. a guy sat down next to her. i heard (because he was obnoxiously loud) him ask her about what she was studying, etc. using my brilliant powers of perception, i decided that they didnt know each other and that he was hitting on her.

girl: "im finishing up grad school right now."

guy: "cool, cool. what do you want to do when you get out?"

girl: "i really like the idea of working for non-profits or government aid programs. i work for a non-profit right now."

guy: "yeah, thats cool."

long awkward pause.

guy: "right now im trying to make as much money as i can so i can become rich enough to donate to non-profits."


guy: "well, good luck with your studying."

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