Monday, March 3, 2008

the trouble with running, part 2

all hail the AMT!

since i'm training for the boston marathon, i suppose i should focus some of this blog on the whole running thing.

part 2:

last monday i got a call from my orthopedist (a real sports doctor - finally!). the good news: i do not have a stress fracture. the bad news: i am about to get a stress fracture if i keep running.


the solution is to not run for 6 weeks. as a result, i'm currently in week 2 of my new, fun, "no running" running program, which consists mainly of interval circuits on gym machines like bike, elliptical, AMT (as well as my trusty pool running schedule). and, because i have willed myself to run this race no matter what (though i couldn't exactly explain my dogged determination at this low point in my running career), somehow i am supposed to not run for a month and a half and still be in good enough shape to actually run on april 21. according to my trainer, i should be able to finish the marathon after this layoff if i keep up with the intervals (along with some other miscellaneous and disturbingly intensive exercise).

as a result, i have gotten intimately familiar with some exciting new gym equipment. the AMT (short for "adaptive motion trainer") is definitely both my favorite and least favorite gym accessory. it's my favorite because it is a ridiculous workout, but it's also my least favorite because it makes me work hard and i believe that i am fundamentally lazy when it comes to pushing myself. i've posted a picture above. the machine is really low-impact, so it's perfect for me and my bad knee and funky calf. it's pretty rad.

it kind of reminds me of those crazy infomercials with the short, tan, bulked-up guy with a blond ponytail who promoted something called a gazelle (or perhaps some other african ungulate). this is similarly strange-looking... but definitely effective at kicking my ass, which i suppose is the primary goal. long story short, i totally want an AMT... so i've just got to come up with about 9 grand. whee!

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