Friday, March 21, 2008


the title of this blog has somewhat of a dual meaning. at the moment, the "running" portion of my marathon training has been stymied by a pre-stress-fracture in my right tibia. this has caused me to resort to alternative training methods in order to maintain my cardio fitness and make my thigh muscles even huger. in a desperate effort to decrease the monotony of my otherwise bland (but still obnoxiously difficult, damn it) workouts, i downloaded the complete first season of "bones" onto my video ipod nano (no, this is not an ipod advertisement, i swear).

the leg is improving with the help of (1) no running; (2) lots of non-running cardio; and (3) the fabulous bone stimulator. ok, #3 is questionable because i can as yet detect no discernible benefits from the use of the bone stimulator, except that its existence provides endless amusement for my boyfriend chris (and for every other guy i know), in the lame and over-used jokes department ("i've got a bone you can stimulate. heh heh."). yes. i've NEVER heard that before.

"bones" the tv show is also pretty excellent. there is lots of gore and science-y stuff. there is pretty good dialogue. there is a pretty kick-ass female lead character. and yes, there is also sexual tension. it's basically my ideal show. i enjoy watching it while eating energy gel on the bike. perhaps i will motivate enough to download more seasons. and perhaps at some point i will figure out what, exactly, a forensic anthropologist does in order to gain the privilege of sifting through bear crap to identify human remains.

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