Monday, March 24, 2008


these days, to me, that's the ugliest word in the english language. hooray for cliches!

however, today being monday means that my long weekend workout is behind me. which is fantastic. yesterday i did a lot of working out, but i mixed it up a little by using the doggies as part of my cardio routine. it went something like this:

(1) wake up to cody (puppy, white lab) licking my face and then walking on it, unabashedly displaying her recently-shaved backside (the result of a $2,500 corrective-surgery nightmare) in a manner that, if she were human, would definitely be considered indecent.

(2) consider making breakfast, then realize that i am still at chris' house, where all that would be available is beer, red bull, salad dressing and microwaveable soup.

(3) throw dietary caution to the wind, pile the dogs in the car, and drive directly to moe's, where i inhale a bagel loaded with peanut butter while the dogs salivate in the (caged-in) back seat.

(4) drive to the dog park, where the dogs drag me from the parking lot to the park enclosure like a well-oiled iditarod sled team.

(5) while several alpha-male types vigorously sniff layla's butt, play with cody by repeatedly throwing tennis ball into lake. run around fenced enclosure picking up cody's poop (she likes to poop while moving, so it gets very scattered). chase alpha-male types away from layla. unsuccessfully attempt to prevent cody from rolling in mud/dirt/feces/garbage. emerge from dog park an hour later with layla and a brownish-gray puppy.

(6) on the drive home, realize that cody REALLY needs a bath.

(7) at home, towel cody off (laziness prevents bath at the moment), air out car, pile dogs into car again, drive to mt. sanitas trailhead. proceed up the trail, once again dragged by 2-dog sled team.

(8) let dogs off leash.

(9) walk/run up sanitas (only running on flat parts of trail, natch). observe what seems to be thousands of other people out doing the exact same thing with their dogs, hence the conga line approach to the summit. reach the summit and immediately turn around because half the population of boulder is already up there. attempt to disengage cody from a 3-foot-long tree branch that she has taken a shine to. fail in that attempt and permit cody to carry/drag said branch all the way down the mountain and back to the car.

(10) deposit dogs at home, change, head to gym, exercise for an additional 3 hours.

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