Wednesday, March 19, 2008

the feast of maximum occupancy...

... or "fomo", as it is affectionately known, was celebrated two weeks ago in brooklyn, new york. this holiday was created by me, katie and bishop a few years ago because we wanted a holiday that we could all attend (owing to our families' geographic diversity, that was impossible with traditional holidays). so, we created this one. there are a few guidelines to appropriately celebrate:

1. our patron saint is unfamous matthew mcconaughey. that is, you must picture matthew mcconaughey as an unfamous slob lounging around in a bathrobe (which he pretty much does anyway, but he's famous while doing it).

2. the feast is a celebration of laziness. as such, celebrants are required to wear pajamas/robes and be as lazy as possible during the feast. this includes gorging on as much food as will fit in your stomach.

3. the feast is traditionally held each year on the day after february 28, but owing to logistical difficulties this year, it was moved to the following week. that's the true beauty of a made-up holiday.

4. since the feast is a made-up holiday, without its own culinary tradition, it is appropriate (nay, mandatory) that foods from many different holidays be represented. this year, we enjoyed foods from thanksgiving, yom kippur, diwali, easter, hannukah, christmas, fourth of july, halloween and whatever holiday it is that celebrates lots of exotic cheeses.

5. finally, and perhaps most importantly, there is an airing of grievances. we all share grievances that we have accrued over the past year, without judgment or condescension. no grievance is too small to be aired.

this year's feast was a true success. to me, at least, success is usually measured in the amount and quality of the grievances. fortunately for all involved, everyone seemed to have had a truly shitty year, so there was lots of discontent to go around. hurrah!

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Andrew said...

the cheese holiday was Bastille Day. i believe we also had Birthday Party cupcakes and Cinco de Mayo guacamole and tres leches!