Wednesday, April 30, 2008

next step.

my "recovery" from the marathon is taking some time. i went for a 3 mile run last sunday and it kinda hurt. a lot. at least now (wednesday) i can sit down and stand up from a chair without wincing in pain. whew!

i'm entered in two races in may: the bay to breakers (san francisco, ca) and the bolder boulder. i'm really excited to go out to sf to see my friend nik, who i haven't seen in almost a year! plus, my roomie kristin will also be in town and is planning to run. it's gonna be a big old reunion (kristin's been training in cali since the end of january).

the bolder boulder is pretty much the only race i've run more than once, so it's the only one on which i've ever really tried to improve my time. i'm hoping to keep it under an hour, which would mean a sub-10-minute mile. which is why i am continuing to train and slowly building back up to a level that will allow me to run 6-7 miles with minimal discomfort.

june through august is kind of up in the air at this point because that's when i like to do my 14-er hiking, which usually involves multi-day overnights and isn't really conducive to long sunday runs. but i'm supposedly training for the boulder backroads half marathon in september, so i guess that means i'll have to sneak in a few runs in between spending massive amounts of money on gas to get to obscure places like silverton, telluride, leadville, aspen and buena vista.

hooray for almost-summer!

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