Tuesday, April 15, 2008


well, i've been out of commission for a few days, feeling like crap and all. i think the training has caught up with me. i just feel drained, tired and kind of sick. so my plan is to get lots of rest, eat low-fat (ugh) and high-carb (huh?) and drink a lot of water. hmm. this kind of sucks. my only consolation is that there is an awesome burger joint right near the finish line.

nerves? who said anything about nerves?

in honor of the marathon being 6 days away (too bad i failed to post yesterday - would have made more sense), i came up with a list of (maybe rhetorical) questions about how to survive the day:

(1) if my singlet makes me look fat, can i just run in a chicken suit?
(2) if i vomit from fear on monday, will i lose all of the benefits of my race-week nutrition plan?
(3) can i wear white sneakers before memorial day?
(4) would it be possible for me to take the T from mile 2 to mile 25? thanks.
(5) will my leg actually fall off from too much running, as it does in my dreams?

that's all for now. i'm nervous.

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